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Thanks to the unique style and tradition of silver art our creations come to life by three different manufacturing processes: melting, printing and using the electrodeposition process. The first process allows us to reach excellent stylistic solutions, in terms of softness and movement of the shapes. We create intricate productions with three-dimensional features using the same technique as for items of jewelry, sculptures and furnishings. The products created by the electrodeposition process, are three-dimensional (such as sculptures and several furnishings) and then coated by a silver layer. Finally we use the printing by producing a silver plate, then finished off and applied to several support materials such as crystal, wood, leather and plenty more. Examples are: frames, table clocks, crystals and jewelry-cases, desk sets, religious and secular pictures, albums and picture-frames.

Linea Argenti 2021

Linea Argenti cristalli

Crystal catalog – closeout


Linea Argenti Gold is the catalog of our items with a gold finishing. All our items – shown in the Linea Argenti 2018 catalog – can be realized with a custom gold finishing.

Linea Argenti gold

Linea Argenti Gold

Custom products

The elegant spirit and the precious design of Linea Argenti creations to service your custom-work ideas. Our artisans and creatives shape your ideas by creating unique pieces of work, expression of Made in Italy uniqueness and tradition. You may appraise through the catalog some inspiring realizations to know the way ideas may come to life.

These items are produced for Indian market.

catalogo India



These items are produced exclusively for Khanburgedei Co. LTD, Ulaanbatar.

catalogo Mongolia


New Daniel catalogs

Discover the silver gifts by New Daniel. Let yourself be conquered by the genuine Made in Italy style.

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